Projects of the Month

At Yarn Garden, we have everything you need to make the Project of the Month.
Come by the shop to pick up your pattern, yarn, needles and tips for how to make one of these pieces your own.



On the Dot

Knit in Shibui Silk Cloud "Apple"

Knit in Shibui Silk Cloud "Apple"

Knit in Shibui Silk Cloud "Suit"

Knit in Shibui Silk Cloud "Suit"

There’s something so cheerful about polka dots! They add a little fun to anything you wear. Here we’ve created ‘dots’ with a widely spaced eyelet stitch pattern that’s easy to knit and easy to remember. Because the fabric is so light and floaty, a lavish scale seems just right. It’s a lot of knitting but the rows fly happily by.

Knit in 3 skeins of Shibui Silk Cloud this scarf is light as air.


Great Grand Sun Hat



This little hat is like a day at the beach, with waves circling the brim, gulls flying above, and a starfish resting on top. Featuring slipped stitches and tiny cables, only 1 skein of Cotton Classic is needed for the smallest size, and 2 skeins for Medium and Large sizes.

Knit this hat in Tahki Cotton Classic, Blue Sky Skinny Cotton or Ultra Pima--all available at Yarn Garden.